Saturday, July 05, 2008


Last Monday my friend Phillipa and I traveled to Bodø, a tiny city inside the Arctic Circle. We started out by taking the seven hour night train to the city of Trodheim. We decided to save money and not get a sleeper car. The result was an uncomfortable, interrupted sleep, lasting only a few hours.

Once in Trodeim, we had a short stop over before boarding a train that would take us to Bodø in nine hours. The journey was beautiful. Through out the entire trip we passed country farms, lakes, forrest and mountains. All though there was a little snow in the mountains, there was none on the ground. Instead there was lush green land for miles.

We arrived in Bodø at about 5 PM Tuesday night. After a good hot meal, we settled in to our hotel for a comfortable deep sleep.

Wednesday morning we headed out in to the city. We quickly discovered there was very little to do. We visited the local Cathedral, with its bell tower dedicated to the people who fought to protect the city in WW2. The local museum (very similar to the "Jason Russell house" in Arlington) was an informative stop which explained the history of the city all the way back to its fishing roots.

We spent a lot of time exploring the local stores, chatting as we shopped. The city is built around a harbor, which we also explored and walked all around. We ended the day by joining a "moose safari". The safari took us out in to the country in search of moose, although we were only able to find three grazing in a field.

Our guide took us hiking to the top of a few hills for some amazing views.

The safari ended at the Saltsraumen, which is a natural tidal phenomenon occurring at high tide. We ended our day with a viewing of the midnight sun.

Thursday afternoon we returned to the train. We arrived back in Oslo at 7AM. We had a lot of fun shopping and exploring the area. We like that we can now say we have visited the Arctic Circle, however neither of us would ever want to travel for 16 hours on a train again :)

*map photo used from tripsource