Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Scare;

Saturday night, Ben and I were getting ready to go to a party. I decided to clean my wedding rings because the party we were going to was for an engagement. I knew that all the girls would be showing off and comparing rings, so I wanted mine to sparkle too.

As I stared to clean my engagement ring, I gasped in horror as I discovered that one of the diamonds was missing! It was not in the cleaning solution, and it was not in the sink. Ben happen to be with me at the moment, and so we began an intense search.

Ben took apart the drain pipe in the bathroom, while I checked the shower drain. We searched the bathroom floor on our knees, shining the flash light in all the tile cracks. I started to loose hope as I checked the fingers of my gloves. I had no idea when the last time was that I looked at my ring, and saw all of the diamonds. My stomach fell as I thought of all the places I had been in the past week, or even month.

Not about to admit the diamond was gone forever, I started to slowly pick threw the trash can. As I got to the bottom of the bag with no luck, I looked up to the plate of muffins I had baked for the party that night. I thought to myself, "if the diamond does not turn up any where els, I will crumble every muffin just to be sure it did not fall in to the batter".

I was about attack the muffins when Ben sat on the floor next to me with a cupped hand. He had found the diamond!! It was on the floor just beneath the section of the couch I always sit on. Relief rushed over me as the tears started to fall. Ben held me as I cried out my fear and disappointment at the thought of loosing that diamond.

I left my rings at home when we went to the party. I did not want to worry about another diamond falling out during the night. On Monday morning I am going straight to the jewelers to have it reset. I am very aware of how lucky I am that Ben was able to find the very small, but very sentimental stone.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Most of our winter was cold and cloudy with very little snow. Yesterday was the first day of Spring. The snow started to fall in the early evening, and has yet to stop. A reminder that the weather is unaware of the concept of seasons.