Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Amusement park;

This past Sunday, Trolltech took the the employees to a near by amusement park called "Tusenfryd". The park was small by American standards, but lots of fun. There was at least one example of all the different types of rides, including a huge wooden coaster. The park was definitely more geared towards families with small children, and a few rides for the teenagers.

There was a "Wild West" town set up in one section of the park. We only realized it when we noticed that all the signs were written in English. The best part of the "Old West" town was a troff where you could pan for real gold. It remedied me of the time I did the same thing on South Dakota when I was about ten.

Trolltech had a tent set up where people could get together and talk. The also served a barbecue lunch. Ben and I were unaware how many people at Trolltech had children, since we only ever talk to the development guys, and they are all single.

It was a very long day, but we had allot of fun running all over the park.