Thursday, June 28, 2007


It is once again time for the annual "KDE" conference called "aKadamy". This will be the third conference that Ben and I have attended since moving to Europe. It will be great to see a bunch of people again that go to the conference each year, and a few guys that used to work at Trolltech.

We leave on Friday for Glasgow Scotland where this years "aKadamy" is going to be held. While Ben is in meetings, I am going on a tour of the highlands, which includes a stop at Lock Ness. I am also going to take the train to Edinburgh for a day trip on my own.

When we are done at "aKadamy", we are going to hop a flight to London for a few days. Although there will plenty of amazing sites to visit, I am most anxious to see the Rosetta Stone, Westminster Abby, and StoneHenge. We are looking forward to going on a trip together, before it gets too hot in Europe.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Last weekend I found a great deal on a round trip air fair to Amsterdam, so I decided to go on a quick trip. Ben was not interested in going to Amsterdam, and the deal was for the middle of the week, so I went by myself. I left Tuesday at five, and got back Wednesday at nine. I stayed in a Hostel, which is a cheap hotel where you share the room with other people. In my case, I was in an all girl room with seven other girls.

I walked around a little bit when I arrived to get my bearings, and did a little bit of shopping. It was very cool in Amsterdam especially around the canals, which even under cloudy skies, were very pretty. I also saw "The Red Light District" with its windows before heading back to the Hostel for the night.

I got an early start in the morning, and headed out to see the sites I was most interested in. I visited "Dam Square" to see the palace and the first Dam which gave Amsterdam its name. I went to the "Rijksmuseum" to see "The Night Watch", which like so many other iconic items, was smaller then I expected. I headed to "The Van Gogh Museum" to see over two hundred of his most important works that included "The potato eaters", "Sunflowers", and "The Bedroom". I visited the "Flower Market" and "Nieuw Market". My last stop was to visit Ann Frank's house. The highlight of the tour was too see the actual bookcase that hid the door and the actual diary that Anne wrote in.

I was a great trip with interesting new experiences. I only needed a backpack and enjoyed not having to wait at baggage claim for a suitcase. It was also the first time I went on a trip by myself. An experience that I might recreate in the next year.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I woke up early the other morning and it was so sunny in the house, I thought that the alarm clock had not gone off . When I looked at the kitchen clock I realized it was only 4am! Now that we are in to summer, the sun is setting at about 11pm, and is rising at about 3am, and it we have not even reached the longest day of the year yet.

We went for a walk to the statue park last weekend, and on the way we heard birds chirping by a wall. We could not figure out where the chirping was coming from until we saw a bird fly in to a vent by a window. When the bird fly out, we peeked inside, and found three baby birds waiting for food. They were extreme adorable.

It has been very hot these past few days the type of heat were you do not want to move or get out of bed. To escape the heat, we spent some time at Trolltech. The office just purchased a "WII" so Ben and I battled it out on all the different sport games. I finally won at a bowling, even if it was only a video. We ate ice cream from the cafeteria, and cold sodas. An excellent way to spend a hot day. :)