Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day;

May Day in Europe is just like Labor Day in the US. Since Ben was home today, and everything was closed, we decided to go for an adventure walk. There is a small lake surrounded by forrest about five miles north of us, which is also the last stop on one of the subway lines. We have gone there a few times on the subway and it is very nice. Ben and I decided to walk to the lake this time since it looked like it would only take about an hour on the map. The way there was up hill and there was some very nice views of downtown and the ocean. We past by a little antique store, but like everything else it was closed. Walking parallel to the train line, we arrived at the lake which was full of people having barbecues and spending time with friends and family. There were people running around the lake and there was someone selling ice cream at the entrance. Walking around the lake took us another hour with breaks and photo opportunities. Never in america would you walk for an hour to a place to exercise and then walk back, that is what the car is for :)