Wednesday, July 12, 2006

An old friend;

I have known Rachelle since I was thirteen years old. We were together for every event of our teen years, and she served as one of my bridesmaids on my wedding day. Even though Ben and I had moved to different states then Rachelle, we managed to see each other once a year, and talk via the Internet.

Rachelle and two other guys we knew in high school planned to back pack threw Europe for the summer. To my ultimate delight, they were planning on coming to Norway for five days.

They arrived from Copenhagen by ferry to the Oslo harbor were I picked them up. Rachelle stayed with me on the couch, and the boys stayed at the local hostel. Unfortunately Ben had to go up north with Trolltech to work on KDE, so Rachelle and I had the apartment to our selves.

We spent the week visiting the major tourist destinations like the Folk Museum, the Viking ship museum, Vigeland Park, and a few others. I also took them to see the near by Ford. Although the views are beautiful, the boys spent most of there time looking for topless sunbathers.

Rachelle and I had lots of time to walk around, shop and talk. I do know a few girls that I talk with, but having Rachelle to converse with was different. With people you do not know well, you will often have to deal with that uneasy silence when everyone is trying to think of something interesting to say. When Rachelle and I would finish a topic, there would just be the comfortable silence of old friends. We could talk about old friends, or current events. She is recently engaged so we talked about how relationships change with marriage. We talked about about `children and how we feel about them. She vented about the boys she is traveling with, and I vented about life in Norway.

I saw them off at the train station early Saturday morning, and then took the long walk home. It was refreshing to have Rachelle around to talk or to just be with. Even thou our time was short, I enjoyed being wrapped in the loving sweater of a old friendship built from years of trust and respect.