Thursday, March 30, 2006


We officially move to the new apartment on Friday. We have been staying at our new place, although we return to the last apartment to use the Internet. The connection at the new place has not yet been activated so this will be my last post for a little bit. Ha det bra! (Good-bye in Norwegian)

Saturday, March 25, 2006


We have made two trips to Ikea so far to purchase items for the new apartment. The Ikea is about a twenty-minute ride from center of the city. Ikea has a wonderful bus service to bring customers with out cars to the store. Two special “Ikea buses” takes turns going to Oslo every half hour. The buses are fitted with lots of shelf space to accommodate all the boxes and bags.

The Ikeas here are just like the ones in the US. They are big and have everything from furniture to household needs. Ikea’s style is affordable, good looking modern furniture that you assemble your self. The items are also meant for setting up your first house, which means that they are not meant to last a lifetime. Since we were looking for items we can dispose of in four years, Ikea was a perfect fit.

We found everything we needed for the bedroom and the kitchen. The best item we found is called the “Ikea kitchen starter set”. Literally this set contained everything you need for cooking in your new kitchen. The set had pots, pans, casserole dishes, a timer, cutting boards, hot pads, potato peelers, scissors, a cheese grater, mixing bowls, Tupperware, every cooking utensils needed, and even a set of knives. Best of all, you got all this and more for about a quarter of the cost of buying the pieces separately.

Besides the obvious convenience of Ikea, the store is a nice destination for a day trip. It takes us about an hour to walk to the center, and then about fifteen minutes for the bus to take off. Walking around Ikea takes another hour at the very least, then the bus ride back to Oslo. After the half hour ride on the city bus and the walk home, we are pretty much done for the night. Just like in America, you never go to an Ikea on the weekends. This means that I go by myself during the day, or after Ben gets home from work.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We have been doing a good job with the food. We have figured out almost all cooking instructions, and the words for most foods. There are times however when we feel extremely stupid. A great example of this is rolls. When we first arrived here I bought some pre made packaged rolls to go with dinner. When we tasted them, they were not quite right. They had a strong yeast taste, and were a little moist. We figured that it was a bad batch and fed them to the ducks. When we tried the rolls again later that month, we had the same problem. So we added them to the list of things we did not like.

Last month at lunch, Trolltech served hot rolls. Ben asked Marius if the kitchen staff often makes fresh rolls. To this Marius explained that you can buy rolls that are ALMOST cooked, and you just put them the oven to finish cooking them. This way you can have fresh hot rolls whenever you want.

We quickly realized that these must have been the rolls we thought tasted like yeast. So we went to the store and found those funny tasting rolls. Now that we are able to read more, we clearly saw the cooking instructions for the “pre made” rolls. So we tried again and cooked the rolls. This time they tasted extremely good. I would choose these rolls over the “Pillsbury” instant rolls every time.